Charging a Car Battery in Four Steps

The following guide to charge your car battery is brought to you by Bill Howich Chrysler Ltd. and will ensure that you protect that investment you made in your vehicle.

1. Be certain that before you do anything that the battery charger is not powered on and it is not currently plugged into an electrical outlet.

2. Locate the car battery, then look at the two terminals for markings that will identify the positive from the negative. The plus is for positive, minus for the negative.

3. Attach the red battery cable, which is the positive cable, to the side of the car battery that is marked with the plus sign. Then take the black cable and secure it to the other side of the battery, the minus or negative side.

4. Plug in the charger and power it up. The charger should turn off after a full charge. If not, monitor the charging and shut down after fully charged.



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