Get The Ultimate Wheel And Tire Protection Plan With Mopar

At Bill Howich Chrysler Ltd., we realize that our valued customers sometimes encounter roads in Campbell River and outside that are a little less than ideal. These less than ideal roads can cause problems with your tires and wheels.

Don't get stuck in the road and forced to pay a hefty and unexpected fee for tire replacement and wheel repair! Protect yourself and give yourself some peace of mind by getting the Mopar vehicle protection road hazard tire and wheel coverage plan.

The Mopar plan will fully cover replacement for all four tires and wheels. It also covers the cost of mounting, balancing, and stems. Damaged tire sensor pressures will also be covered under the Mopar plan.

You can choose a Mopar tire and wheel plan from a period of two to seven years. Additional benefits include a $0 deductible for repair visits and sign and go towing and roadside assistance with a $100 fee.



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