Dodge Journey's Stand Out Exterior Features

The 2019 Dodge Journey is an up and coming sport utility vehicle (or SUV for short). The 2019 Dodge Journey's stand out exterior features give the SUV a sleek look. Two of these signature features are: crosshair grille and sculpted fender flares.

The 2019 Dodge Journey's crosshair grille is located on the front of the car. The grille is formed by small crosshair's of metal. This unique crosshair design gives the Dodge Journey 2019 a modern exterior and sophisticated look. Continuing this superior look, are the Dodge Journey's sculpted fender flares. Around the front and back tires of the of the 2019 Dodge Journey are flared fitted fenders. These fenders have a sculpted aspect to them, completing the stand out exterior features.

Come down to Bill Howich Chrysler Ltd. and check out all of the great interior and external features of the 2019 Dodge Journey. Be sure to see the crosshair grille and sculpted fender flares.



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