The Jeep Cherokee Has Options for Customers

The 2019 Jeep Cherokee is one of the types of vehicles that have more than one model that you can choose from. This gives you more reason to give the Cherokee a look. Each of the models has its own set of features that you are going to discover as you look into them.

One of the options that stand out is the Overland. The Overland is going to give you a great adventure because of the 19-inch wheels that come with it. The fascia, as well as the polished aluminum wheels, elevate the style of the Jeep Cherokee Overland.

Another option is the Trailhawk which gives the hint of capability and adventure from the name alone. The design is also very appealing with the front fascia being painted in the same color as the overall body. The Trailhawk also has red tow hooks which bring forth aggression which is needed for an adventure.

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