Visit Bill Howich Chrysler Ltd. and See These Interior Features on the Dodge Challenger for Yourself

This is one of those times when words can almost not do a car justice. The Dodge Challenger is a popular muscle car that goes far beyond mere power and performance. It is a comfortable vehicle that you will really enjoy driving, no matter what the occasion happens to be.

The front seats are ventilated and heated. This means that the driver and passenger will remain comfortable no matter what the outdoor environment happens to be like. You will also love the way each seat is designed to contour to the body. This will be a comfortable drive, of that you can be sure.

The steering wheel on the Challenger is rather special as well. You will find that there are four different ones to choose from depending on the type that you prefer. Each one is sporty and looks great. Bill Howich Chrysler Ltd. would like to invite you to come down and take the Dodge Challenger for a test drive.


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